Two Day Ice Driving Experience

Below Zero Ice Driving classic Porsche 911 1
Day One (09.00 – 15.30 hrs)

As with the one-day Below Zero ice driving experience, your first day starts at our purpose-built track facility where you will be taught the skills and techniques needed for driving on ice using button-studded tyres. You’ll find out what ‘steering with the throttle’ really means, as you slalom over this unique surface driving one of the world’s most iconic cars.

The point of the exercise is to get the back end moving and the car sliding, with direction changes instigated by the merest hint of steering coupled with plenty of throttle. Then, to feel the heat of competition on this Arctic wasteland, the stopwatch comes out for a short time trial.

Every corner turns into a controlled skid and after a while catching the 911’s back end and modulating the angle of attack using the throttle, becomes almost second nature. The unique weight distribution and layout of a 911 will flatter anybody’s skills as a driver: contrary to popular belief, these are not difficult cars to drive.

Change to full competition-studded tyres for your next session on the frozen lake and spend the afternoon perfecting your skills before being taken back to your hotel to relax and prepare yourself for day two.

Day Two (09.00 – 15.30 hrs)

After breakfast we will shuttle you to the lake for day two’s driver’s briefing. You will warm up on the lake circuits before spending the day using all the skills that you have learnt in previous sessions trying to conquer this high-speed track. We will stop briefly for lunch before trying again in the afternoon.

The next level is to take on our very own ice rally stage. Running around the perimeter of the lake, this technically demanding track is 7km long and only a fraction wider than your car.

If the weather permits and you would like to, our instructors will give you a short break and an introduction to what is considered by many as the ultimate driving experience that even world champions rave about: a high-speed passenger ride down a genuine Swedish rally championship special stage.

Lined with endless snow banks in the middle of a picturesque forest, a world away from reality and your soundtrack the roar of an air-cooled Porsche engine – what could be more authentic?

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