The Lake

The lake lies at a latitude of 63 degrees north, 6km from Kall in Sweden and so between December and March each year freezes to a depth of as much as metre.  Couple this with 3 feet of snow and you have world’s best winter playground.  The ice tracks are carved in to the snow to our specification, giving you various levels of difficulty as you progress through the stages of the day.  To top it all, the snow lined banks act as the perfect safety zone for the inevitable spin or shunt.

Each track is designed to teach you a different set of skills.

The Handling Circuit

Marcus Grönholm, a two-time World Rally Champion from Finland, is one of the many people who will tell you that you will learn more about car control on snow and ice than anywhere else. The first circuit you will be introduced to is the handling circuit, where you will learn unique driving skills first hand from former rally champions. Here, you have the chance to explore the dynamics and capabilities of our Porsche 911s first hand.

The Ice Tracks

This is where it all happens.  First time out, you will be using 3mm button-studded tyres, which offer sufficient grip to get you used to how the car behaves on the ice through a series of straights and corners.  Then, once you have things under control we will swap them for full, 7mm studded competition grade types that offer plenty of grip making the car capable of hitting speeds of over 100mph.

These circuits will challenge your understanding of car control as you take your Porsche 911 to the limit, handling it in a perfectly safe and controlled environment.  Attempt the same thing on a public road, and you’re likely to end up in prison…

The Ice Rally stage

Barely the width on your car, 7km long and cut around the perimeter of the lake, the Ice Rally Stage is designed to give you the ultimate feeling of driving in a World Rally Championship – but with the natural safety net of the snow banks.  The track is full of twists, turns and straights to really test what you have learnt.

The Special Stage

A passenger ride to give you a true taste of the World Rally Championship, giving you an understanding of what it is like to drive on the absolute limit down a technically demanding road not much wider than the car itself. Machinery meets nature, as the stage is set to a backdrop of breath-taking scenery, with dappled sunlight glinting down through snow-covered trees.  An elemental, pulse-quickening experience, that doesn’t get any more authentic.

For more experienced drivers, instruction and practice days can be arranged on one of the 6 special Stages near the lake.  This is organised separately with a small additional cost to cover the road surface preparation and safely marshals.