Customer Testimonials

“Wow what a brilliant weekend! The crew were superb – all of them really on the ball, professional but at the same time really good fun to be with. From the driving perspective Martin Rowe is a very good and patient teacher which as we know is not a skill every pro driver possesses.”

AH, London UK

“I was a bit sceptical as to whether it would help my race driving and whether I would really enjoy it. Both of these areas were fully nullified and thanks to Martin Rowe’s great coaching I now feel pretty adept at left-foot braking. This should be useful especially racing in the wet.”

“The whole team were superb and the focus on our enjoyment and us directing the day rather than being told what to do was a correct and refreshing approach. The cars were superb and prep was faultless. Would I do it again? Definitely!”

PBE, Hertfordshire UK

“What great and attentive guys, I thoroughly enjoyed spending the two days with them. Naturally I had most contact with Martin Rowe as my coach and was very pleased with how he helped me progress technically. I never had the impression that we were following a set program, instead the instructions adapted to my driving level and continually adjusted as I progressed. Perfect.”

“For clients wishing to do more than participate in the Below Zero programme, either for themselves or their partner/family, Åre simply offers more. The location in Kall is beautiful.   Congratulations on having evolved an already exciting product to become even better. I am impressed that you have managed to adjust so seamlessly to the new location and are already after just a few weeks of operations offering what I consider an even better product than before.”

“I will definitively be back. I don’t know where else I would be able to find such quality instruction adapted my personal level and at the same with the potential for as much effective driving time to build up skills.”

JB, Åre Sweden

“Thank you for a really fantastic couple of days. None of us have ever had so much fun in a car in a lifetime of trying. Truly, a great experience, although it did take me a while to tuck my eyeballs back into their sockets after a quick ride on the Swedish Rally special stage with Ryan Champion at the wheel.  Something to aspire to!”

SC, London UK