Below Zero season 2019 in full swing

Our 2019 season is currently in full swing, with clients enjoying great times in the Below Zero Ice Driving classic Porsche fleet. The instructors have now launched a Below Zero Ice Driving Instagram feed, featuring memorable moments from the ice. They are also sharing their “star car of the week”, explaining the subtle differences between all of our cars and what makes each unique.

The weather has been perfect since the start of the season, with daily temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius. Technical issues on our cars have been minimal and visitors have also enjoyed seeing several WRC teams testing on the nearby stages, including a recent Hyundai test before the Monte Carlo Rally.

The secret of Below Zero Ice Driving’s success is hands-on instruction with practically unlimited seat time. Our clients spend very little time in a classroom and so are able to maximise the time spent on the ice, exploring the outer edges of their limits and pushing to learn new skills. It really is the best way to learn car control: safely and with no restrictions on seat time. Everything one learns at Below Zero Ice Driving is transferable to any car: not just the Porsche 911.

Enjoy some photos from our ice course below and contact us if you would like to make a booking. Our season is running to the middle of March and spaces are still available! Email or call Amy on +44 1295 750 514 in office hours.

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